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Whether you want to open a new adwords account, or have an existing account, Catalyst’s PPC team definitely has the right Google

Adwords manager with extensive experience in campaign set-up, google analytics installation and tracking, and conversion optimization.

So you can profit more than you’re spending.

The big advantage with PPC (aka, paid advertising) is it can often get you faster results, perhaps while you wait to rank for organic search results, bringing you clients and leads NOW.  

Every keyword typed into a search engine is a different conversation going on in your prospect’s head. So another expensive (incorrect) practice is, people lump several keywords into one group of keywords and send those costly clicks to the same website page, not realizing that in this game, even a singular keyword has a different conversation than it’s plural equivalent.


Now you know why you’re enduring quality score issues, low conversions and high click costs

Therefore each keyword MUST go to its own page, with a specific message-to-market and information that matches the conversation and level of awareness in that searcher’s mind which that keyword represents.

Not to mention, each keyword you’re bidding on must go to a page that’s keyword optimized for that keyword.

Sound like a handful..?

A bit overwhelming..?

Well you certainly don’t have to worry about any of this!

That’s what we’re here for.

Your Google Adwords Manager here at Catalyst will make certain that we:

  • Drop your click costs as much as possible by optimizing your campaign
  • Employ the use of Direct Response Marketing to get those clicks which land on your page, to take the action you want them to take, in order to convert to sale, for a positive ROI
  • Our Adwords campaign management will take a transparent approach, so you’re in control, and you know what’s going on
  • Our team of Google Adwords managers are all Google Adwords Certified Partners
  • Get further conversion growth, from ad clicks to site conversion by adding Google Analytics code to your site
  • Regular Adwords reports
  • when optimized, your ads can rank above your competitors with lower click costs
  • get more visits with the same budget
  • competitive management fees, so you don’t need to worry about re-seller fees/ppc agency fees

Catalyst PPC Management makes sure common mistakes are NOT made, so you can breathe easy, not worry about leaking holes in your ad budget, and receive piece of mind with our reporting emailed to you.

Submit your website url below for a free Online Presence Report that includes:

  • Report on Keywords you can easily rank for that you may be missing out on (don’t miss out on a potential flood of new business & bigger turnover)
  • SEO quote (to see the competitive packages we have so you can grab those golden keywords)
  • Competition analysis: Know where you stand compared to your competition, so you know where (which keywords) to strike hard, and which is a waste of your time & money.
    • See your competitors Rankings side by side your rankings for all keywords we researched
    • See your competitors Google Local Rankings for all keywords we research - NEW
    • Competition Analysis Dashboard inside the Keyword Information page - NEW
    • Instant column sort of all competitors rankings - NEW
  • CSV export of all competition analysis - NEW
  • Google rankings for your site: including Current National & Local rankings and research
  • Google Local Places rankings of your site
  • … and PPC cost-per-click and % of competition analysis too

All for FREE, simply by submitting your url below

Get Your FREE Online Presence Report

Get Your FREE Online Presence Report

  • - Free Competition Analysis
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  • - Uncover Golden Keywords

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