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One of the few disadvantages of running a business in an online world is…

… news spreads fast

Like a major world event… it goes ‘all over the place’.

If that news is ‘bad’ news, your business (and your efforts) may take several steps back.

If it’s REALLY bad news, it’s a case of “… Houston, we have a problem”

One common example where online business reputation management is seriously required, is when a restaurant client leaves a bad review on it’s Facebook page, which just so happens to rank well on google, or people clicking on the ‘reviews’ link on google, and finding many ‘thanks for the warning’ responses to the bad review.

All of those who expressed that bit of gratitude to that bad review on your FB page, along with ALL those who visit that page from now on…

… are as good as GONE

All because it was Valentine’s Day (this is a true story by the way), it was crazy busy, you were flat-out, and one of your waiters (who is from overseas, and not familiar with social etiquette here) expressed a wee bit of dismay when a large booking you had reserved a large (empty) table for turned up with most cancelling, making it a small booking, and totally wasting those seats (you had to turn back people who wanted to eat at your restaurant). And they ended up waiting a really long time for service (mainly because one of your stuff was not at work).

It gets scarier with this online reputation management

Think of all those people who came across that bad review in the months ahead. Now think of the dollar value.

Would it come to $2,000… $5,000… $10,000 worth of lost business over 12 months?

What if you’re a high ticket service provider or supplier of goods (whether it be raw goods or manufactured products). How much would it cost you then?

$20,000 … $70,000 … $200,000 … $500,000 over 12 months?

Now if your version of online business reputation management is to write a response like… “It was really busy, and we always provide good service”. You’re in for a rude surprise.


The Catalyst Difference


The Catalyst reputation management online response would be to reply in a way that positions your business BETTER after the bad review, than before it.

Not easy to achieve, or explain, and requires some copywriting skill. So check the reply we left for this restaurant (who was one of our first clients) in the screen shot bellow, and add Reputation Management (the Catalyst way) to your arsenal now.

Call us now, and:

  • clear negative search results listings
  • get brand protection
  • change auto suggest
  • protect the real you
  • stop worrying about misinformation and innuendo


Reply for our restaurant client


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