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Guaranteed Rankings with Smart Marketing for Higher Response

We don’t just guarantee you rankings (because everyone does that)

We don’t just use smart, extensive keyword research to find you those untapped golden keywords.

And you won’t just have literally dozens of SEO Specialists at your disposal who stay up to date with the latest Google algorithm changes.

We go MUCH further than all that, by combining SEO expertise with proven Direct Response Marketing & Copywriting to make your SE listing, your message, your positioning and your offer in the market place stand out, making searchers choose YOU over your competition, to bring you FAR higher ROI than what you otherwise would without it.

There’s no point in blowing all your money to be #1 on Google, if the 2nd or 3rd listing of your competition is getting all the clicks, with searchers preferring their message, and their offer, over yours. Our competitors make that mistake… We DON’T… so that you avoid the pain.

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Your ideal prospect sits at their computer and punches in the keyword that describes your product/service  … But your business/company is nowhere to be found because the SEO Agency you put your trust (and money) into didn’t do their keyword research right.

They didn’t properly ascertain and segment the keywords your audience is typing in, into

  • ‘browser’ keywords (where they’re looking for general information. Difficult to convert.)
  • compare keywords (where they’re comparing the solution you provide to other options)
  • and ‘buy’ keywords (they’ve done their homework,  and or, just ready to buy)


… and from those multitude of keywords to choose from, they didn’t properly research the ‘buy’ keywords category well enough, and left out some gems that we’re well worth optimizing for.


Costing you and your business ‘big money’.


Or, your SEO company was too aggressive with the back-linking campaign (a back-link is a link on a 3rd party site which goes to your site, which google sees as a ‘vote’ for your site, pushing you higher up the rankings)… which google was NOT impressed with, and blacklisted your site, (which means no one is going to find you anytime soon).

Or how about this mistake/inadequacy that’s often made…  (much to a companies’ budget stretching detriment).

Your SEO Agency finishes their keyword research and reports back to you saying… “the ‘buy’ keywords are too hard to rank for (which can happen in some industries), so we’ll have to go with the ‘compare’ and ‘brows’ keywords instead”.

But… once you rank for those keywords, you get told by your not-so beloved SEO company that you have a high ‘bounce rate’. Which means people are hitting their browser’s back button within a few seconds of landing on your site because they’re not finding what they really want, or they were more impressed with what they saw on your competitor’s site, and you have to say goodbye to that prospect’s money.

Rest-assured, this is expensive and rather painful when it happens.

And this does happen because most SEO Agencies may (or may not) be great at SEO, but they don’t know much about Direct Response Marketing, proper keyword research and copywriting.


They don’t know how to market to those less specific ‘browser’ and ‘compare’ keywords that you CAN comfortably rank for.


The Catalyst approach is to…

  • know what your ideal prospect is wanting to find out (or think they need) when they’re searching with brows or compare keywords.
  • know what they’re not finding in your completion
  • know what they’ll respond to more than anything else.
  • know what conveniences, priorities, concerns, frustrations they’re having at this stage, which your competition isn’t addressing on their pages title.


And above all, how to make your search engine listing stand-out from all your competitor’s listings. Make them stay on your site, and submit that all-important order, booking or request for contact form.


The Catalyst Difference as an SEO Agency


The trademark Catalyst approach is to not only safely get you top search engine listings, (because that’s no longer enough)… But to also use copywriting to develop a title (for the page that’s optimized for the keyword your would-be client has just typed in)… that out-pulls your competition’s listing on the front page of google… EVEN if your competition is in the higher positions.

Would that add to your bottom line? Making it VERY worthwhile using an SEO company that takes that all-important, critical, largely unspoken step of combining SEO with Direct Response Marketing strategies and copywriting?

Here’s a basic example (as a basic concept of why Catalyst stands alone):

Pretend you got a dental practice in the suburb of Mulgrave, and you decided to hire Catalyst after going through 2-3 proposals.

And let’s say for argument’s sake that Catalyst gets you the same position on page 1 as the other SEO companies. For this example, let’s say position 3.

Here’s what the typical ‘Dentist in Mulgrave’ search engine result looks like:


seo for dentist


Now let’s pretend that the top 2 or 4 positions can’t be moved. Google just trusts them too much, or they’ve been there for 10 years, or they have a million back-links to that page. All of which means it’ll take many months and many back links for your site to rank at position 1 for this particular keyword… and your SEO Agency can only get you to position 3 (heck, even position 5) for now.

Now ponder this question.

Do you think you’re still going to pull in the majority of clicks from would-be clients if your SE listing (page title) read:


Dentist in Mulgrave: No pain, no waiting, after-hours available. Book Now


Do you think you’d be beating your completion (and making them look bad)??

With Catalyst, you as the Dentist owner would have had marketing strategy sessions (what we affectionately call ‘War room’ sessions) where we would see how to differentiate you from your competition.

We would work-out what needs, worries or frustrations your industry is not solving (among many other methods & strategies). And use this research to simply beat your competition for higher profits for you and your business/company.

In this simple example, we all know that people hate going to dentists because we have to wait, it’s inconvenient… and we’re petrified of the PAIN, (even though some dentists these days take extra measures to make sure you don’t feel pain. Yet they don’t even advertise this).

We would suggest to space your appointments a little further apart and charge a bit extra because there’s higher value in not having to wait, which saves clients valuable time & convenience. We would suggest you consider staying open late one or two nights a week (and start midday for that day, or alternate with another in-house dentist), etc. You get the point…

The truth of the matter is… Google decides who is going to be in position #1, position #2, position #3 etc, of page 1…. not any SEO Marketing Agency.

Google literally uses over 100 variables in its algorithm to decide who finishes at the top position. And NO ONE knows these variables apart from the most senior computer engineers in Google. Meaning not even Google’s own board members know this stuff.

There’s lots that a reputable SEO company can do to influence google to put you in position #1 on page 1. But the fact of the matter is, if they’re guaranteeing they’ll get you on position 1, page 1 for medium to heavy competition keywords, then they’re simply just trying to get your business.


Harness the power of up to 105 fully trained, experienced SEO Specialists


And to ‘top it all off’ as they say, (in terms of the Catalyst approach/difference) Catalyst SEO is an agency of up to 105 SEO specialists at our disposal, who are then put at your disposal, to insure everything is done to deliver the results you want, minus the aforementioned mistakes that is known to happen in the SEO world.

Our two Primary SEO Products are:

Local SEO: for businesses looking to attract local customers

National SEO: for larger national companies wanting to dominate the national market


  1. IMPORTANT: our team of 105 SEO trained specialists know that most people don’t back-link to recommended sites anymore, (Google’s biggest off-page ranking factor was the number of backlinks pointing to your site as a sign of user popularity. This was when people use to recommend sites by back-linking to them. Google now considers social signals, which is clicks on the g+ button, as a more reliable sign of a site’s popularity than back-links. Thus giving sites with high g+ clicks higher rankings than those with higher backlinks, which means more leads and clients for you).


We also use special ethical methods (which we won’t disclose here) to get your important pages higher g+ (and Facebook likes) clicks than your competition, further boosting your sites popularity, and your business.

Thank god you found an SEO Marketing Agency that has discovered this and acts accordingly for its clients.

Monthly Reporting for full transparency, control and peace of mind


Catalyst SEO provides you with easy to understand monthly reporting, so you know:

  • Where you rank for each keyword
  • How many visitors you’re getting each month
  • See which other keywords visitors are finding your site with, to possibly uncover new market opportunities.
  • Month by month, year by year trends by logging into your site’s Google Analytics.


Take the sensible and pragmatic (more like critical) step of realizing that the best SEO web Agencies combine top keyword ranking ability, with Copywriting and smart Direct Response Marketing to truly stand out in today’s cluttered marketplace, and be the winner over your competition with an endless supply of leads, clients and higher profits.

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  • Competition analysis: Know where you stand compared to your competition, so you know where (which keywords) to strike hard, and which is a waste of your time & money.
    • See your competitors Rankings side by side your rankings for all keywords we researched
    • See your competitors Google Local Rankings for all keywords we research - NEW
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  • … and PPC cost-per-click and % of competition analysis too

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