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The Internet Marketing Company: How to Make the Market Choose YOU

Why us?

Branding alone does NOT work… The latest fancy technologies in digital media alone won’t save you. Invest as much as you want in the above, but if you don’t know the intricacies of:

  • how to find market gaps
  • exploit weaknesses in your competition
  • nail the real (not assumed) desires, needs & frustrations of your target audience to transform response
  • formulate a real and proper Unique Selling Proposition to position you as the ‘hands down’ only choice
  • speak to your target audience in a way no one else does
  • GET attention to begin with (now a major unspoken challenge in a time starved, cluttered, hyper ADD market place)

… all through our proven Direct Marketing Strategies that’s THEN added to the latest in digital media technologies we have. Then and only then can you realistically expect to achieve massive, exponential ROI to transform your company or business, and turn everything around.

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Although the Home page of this site has largely explained the critical importance of combining SEO with Direct Response Marketing & Copywriting, (along with touching on this subject in our other service offer pages) it’s important for the sake of your business/company we elaborate a little more.

Why Catalyst is the Internet Marketing Company of choice

The biggest missing link the average (even the most successful) SEO Companies have (much to the detriment of their clients) is solid Direct Response marketing and copywriting. And a more boutique Direct Response Marketing & Copywriting service is better still, no matter how big or small your company is.


Because the internet marketing company that ‘knows it’s stuff’, doesn’t just rely on technology with mediocre marketing and expect that alone to transform your business, drives sales and profits.

At the end of the day… message trumps all, and the various internet mediums like search engine marketing, social network marketing, mobile marketing, you tube marketing, PPC… etc (which we all do) and all the technologies that go with them (which we all have), is nothing more than mediums to get your message out there.

But to develop that all important messaging that will:

  1. grab your market’s attention (a hard enough goal to achieve in what has been called “The Attention Deficit Age’) of a fast paced market that has enough trouble keeping its attention on a 9 second sound bite.
  2. keep their attention glued to your message
  3. address their needs, concerns and true desires in a way that your competition doesn’t (or has no clue about). Setting you apart and transforming your business into a market leader, driving up profits and make worries about meeting budget a thing of the past.
  4. develop the right offer that eclipses the best offer your competition has in terms of value, benefits and needs satisfaction.
  5. which gets your target audience to come back to you…


For these results to manifest for your business:

  • Marketing sessions need to take place
  • Strategizing needs to occur
  • Exploiting (or developing) your companies’ strengths (maximizing ROI) needs to be done
  • Taking the time to research and exploit your competition’s weaknesses means more money for you
  • Solving or minimizing any weaknesses within your company needs to be addressed
  • Finding a ‘gap’ in you market needs to be done for getting the market’s attention, and/or getting off ‘competing on price’ (which can make you so much more, even millions in certain industries)
  • Developing a killer Unique Selling Proposition has to happen, to set you apart and make people choose YOU (this can be done even if you’re a pizza shop).

All this costs a small fortune to hire a marketing or business consultant for. But with the Catalyst approach, it’s an extra service as part of our packages, at an affordable cost.

It’s only available with our other services (SEO, website design/development, Reputation Management & PPC Management).

With the combination of our 90 Business Transformation System (a proven winner), imagine how much more you stand to make in turnover & profits, when you hire the right internet marketing company that makes sure your business:

  • stands apart
  • knows your audience better than your competition
  • carries the right online message that pulls in far more responses
  • grows your business with an increase in leads/clients, all now on autopilot
  • removes any worry that your throwing money at something you’re not sure is making you big money in return

Save time, money and stress by consolidating all your internet needs with one internet marketing service.

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  • Competition analysis: Know where you stand compared to your competition, so you know where (which keywords) to strike hard, and which is a waste of your time & money.
    • See your competitors Rankings side by side your rankings for all keywords we researched
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