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Web Developers Combine Top Marketing Methods for Killer ROI

Warning: Do NOT spend 5k, 15k or 50k on a web development project without combining proven Direct Response Marketing and Copywriting to get an appeal, a positioning, and an offer that completely beats your competition,  and sends you to the top of your industries’ food-chain for a MUCH higher return on your investment.

What most Web Developers provide is SEO, a pretty website (which does NOT mean it will work), and maybe a newsletter system with a shopping cart (if you need an eCommerce site). Well, that’s like providing the cart without the horse, or the car without the engine, or choose your metaphor.

Yes… we at Catalyst Strategic excel at all aspects of web development, like website construction, beautiful (but effective) design, integrated back-end systems with shopping cart, newsletter integration and all the bells & whistles digital media has today… But

… without effective marketing and copywriting, to laser target the right message, to the right target audience segment, in the right way, with the right appeal, addressing the right desires, fears & frustrations… being at the top of Google with a pretty website is like having a gun without the ammo. Because it still needs to bring you as many sales & leads as possible, and we DON’T leave that to chance.

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You have 7 seconds to capture your visitor’s attention, if the headline (ie copywriting) isn’t right, they’re gone, along with everything you invested to get them there in the first place.

Although Catalyst excel at website development, powerful conversion design (that deliver results)… Search Engine Optimization and many other internet channels for powerful exposure… Ultimately the internet is just another media (all-be-it the most popular media at present)

… and without an optimized message-to-market, expressing a unique ‘core concept’ that grabs even apathetic markets by the neck and educates them into wanting your product or service…  rest-assured you are leaving a TON of money on the table no matter where you are on Google, and will eventually drown in the sea of ‘me too’ ism in an ever-increasing cluttered marketplace.


      Catalyst Web Developers removes all the confusion for you.


You’ll be at ease, have full control, full transparency and peace of mind because our web team will walk you through, step-by-step, and in plain English, how we will provide the right:

  1. Needs analysis for your online presence, keyword research and competition analysis (this is free).
  2. Develop the right template or blueprint for your new site’s architecture, back-end systems, and a conversion optimized (conversion= cold visitor to keen inquiry/sale) layout and functionality to boost your lead generation.
  3. Our graphic design team then creates the right look and feel that not only makes your website ‘impress’ at first sight, but also projects the level of credibility, trust, online prestige and believability that’s required for your target audience to respond favourably and instantly create keen interest in your company. Along with making you stand out in your industry.
  4. Upon your approval, your site and back-end system will then be configured to our secure server which will also provide monthly back-up of your entire site. Giving your further peace of mind because you’ll never have to worry about losing everything, (… which would be VERY expensive in two major ways).
  5. Our Web Developers then implement the SEO campaign with our team of 105 SEO trained specialists, who know that most people don’t back-link to recommended sites anymore, (Google’s biggest ranking factor was the number of backlinks pointing to your site as a sign of user popularity. This was when people use to recommend sites by back-linking to them. Google now considers social signals, which is clicks on the g+ button, as a more reliable sign of a site’s popularity than back-links. Thus giving sites with high g+ clicks higher rankings than those with higher backlinks, which means more leads and clients for you).

We also use special ethical methods (which we won’t disclose here) to get your important pages higher g+ (and Facebook likes) clicks than your competition, further boosting your sites popularity, and your business.

We then monitor visitor behaviour on your site, and make improvements as needed.


But Catalyst Web Development doesn’t stop there.

We also:

… hold what we call ‘war room’ sessions, where we sit with you and figure out ways to beat your competition, develop a market position that will make your business stand out and make your target audience choose you.

This also involves

  • segmenting your target audience, and assessing each segment’s true desires, frustrations, concerns, stress-points, (that probably aren’t being met) and assess which of those do they prioritise the highest.
  • Asses what their experiences have been like so far (with other providers), and use them against your toughest competitors, for bigger market share.
  • what ‘gaps in your industry’ all this research opens up that you can fill, to drive up profits,
  • asses each audience segment’s ‘level of awareness’ of your service/product in order to market to them right … (this can make all the difference).
  • Plus much more we won’t disclose here…
  • … to then use our in-house copywriter our web developers work hand-in-hand with to formulate the right appeal or message-to-market, that your target audience will respond to more than anything else.


Through all this unique process our web teams (based in Melbourne) use, some clients realize they need to make a fundamental shift in what they’re all about as a business, in order to stand out in the market place, make the target demographic choose them, for that much desired breakthrough in inquiries, sales and turnover.


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IMPORTANT: Did you know that according to latest statistical research, 50% of all searches will be from mobile devices by Christmas (currently at 43%), and mobile apps are replacing mobile browsers?

This is one of those ‘sink or swim’ type trends brewing here…


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