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Website designers: Why Cheap Designs Are the Most Expensive and Cost You Results

At Catalyst, you’ll often hear us saying, “… a pretty website is not enough. It may be costing you (not making you) new clients and higher profits”. We make absolutely certain your website look & design:

  • establishes authority at first site.
  • Creates trust at first site.
  • Impresses at first site
  • Doesn’t distract your valuable visitors from your critical, make-or-break conversion goal
  • Doesn’t confuse your visitors with too many messages

… all of which can waste your investment because it gets too hard for them and they DO click the back button according to tests. The Catalyst difference will almost instantly lead your visitor to that all important conversion goal. Giving you that elusive breakthrough in results, the leads, the extra sought after business… all on autopilot for higher profits and less worry.

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The first impression your visitors have of your website will formulate their opinion of your business, and thus heavily influence whether they even trust you, find you credible enough, and want to do business with you.

Catalyst website designers have proven time and time again to deliver on that critical need for

  • distinction from your competitors
  • provide that all important ‘wow’ factor
  • gives your site a competitive advantage
  • making sure the website converts (making sure it works)
  • provides a huge return on your investment
  • reflects your professional & individual business identity (which also supports your branding)
  • is optimised for search engines (nothing like a flood of free leads)
  • deliver a service that’s ON TIME and ON BUDGET


Unfortunately, the ‘best website design teams in Australia’ stop there.

The design… or ‘look & feel’ of your website has to not only suit the nature of your industry and do all of the above, but just as important, it must support whatever the goal of your website is.

This is referred to as the ‘conversion goal’.


This is where Catalyst Website Designers set themselves apart through the added use of Conversion Design Optimization


Is the goal to of your site to make a sale?

Is it to make visitors submit a form, or a request to be contacted?

Is it to accept a free gift, thus placing them in a particular marketing funnel?

Or is it to make people call you right away?

So the design must be optimized in a way that WOWS people, gets your message across in an impactful manner, but also has room for a ‘Call to Action’ above the fold (fold being what’s visible on the screen once you land on a page).

If your Call-To-Action is bellow the fold… you are losing inquiries and leads for sure.

If your would-be clients are getting distracted by too many messages, or a sea of links on the left, or right… You are almost certainly losing inquiries and leads once again.

Our designers have built websites from small to large, from basic sites to the big Content Management Systems and E-Commerce shopping carts. All combined with good-old fashion personal service where you deal with only one project manager so you don’t have to repeat yourself.

We also provide a self-update console if you want, so you can make quick and small updates (like add a photo or add/edit text) which saves you time, provides convenience and saves money.

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