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5 Ways you’re blocking website sales

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If you’re an ecommerce brand in Australia right now, you’ll no doubt be experiencing higher traffic, and potentially a higher conversion rate. But is that rate reflective of how well you COULD be performing?


Here’s the top 5 ways you’re blocking your conversion rate from soaring.



Your website navigation is confusing


Navigation that isn’t designed FOR the client is likely to leave that online order list barren. Put yourself in your customers shoes, and experience the steps it takes from discovering the brand, through to making a sale. What unnecessary pain points can you see? Are you speaking in the language they need, and offering them the support required at each step?



Your website isn’t optimised for mobile


Even before the world was tipped upside down by the coronavirus shutdown, more and more consumers have been making online sales via their mobile devices. If your website design isn’t optimised for a seamless, easy to use experience, you might be frustrating your customer-to-be into an abandoned cart. There is a true art to mobile web design and user experience (UX) that makes undeniable impact to that sales conversion



Your ad experience isn’t reflecting your website experience


Imagine a glossy magazine ad for a hairdresser that promises a luxurious experience and incredible results. You excitedly book your appointment, but when you turn up the salon is in an abandoned warehouse area, cracked lino on the floor and a gum snapping hairdresser behind reception with an 80s poodle ‘do. When you abandon your website in the name of marketing alone, this is the kind of shock and dismay you might bring upon your own clients.


It’s more important than ever to be marketing and getting that brand awareness up – but if you’re doing it in the name of abandoning your website, you’re likely to undo all that hard work. After all, ad clicks don’t make money: Conversions do! Make sure that paid ads budget stays balanced with your SEO and web design requirements.



You’re not optimising your marketing for the clients that buy


I often joke with clients that there are two kinds of people who click your ads: Those who would like it, and those who will buy it. If you’re optimising your ads for audiences who love to have a look but ultimately never convert (Think uni student demographics lusting over expensive jewellery or cars), you’re likely to see a lower Cost Per Click, but no actual sales as a result. If paying a little more for each click means making a sale, your Cost Per Acquisition (What it cost to make the sale) will balance out beautifully.



You’ve stopped looking for new opportunities


Gin distilleries making hand sanitisers. Gyms creating online classes via Zoom. Beauticians shipping out DIY facial kits to clients. What can your brand do to open revenue streams and keep brand loyalty high? While ecommerce might seem “safe” and enjoying a surge, what you do during this time may be pivotal to lower times to come when bricks and mortar options are back on the menu. Show real service, look to new demographics, collaborate with other brands: It’s a great time to get a whole new audience influx, and watch your conversions rise as a result.


For our clients, we’re seeing through COVID-19 create a conversion rate average for ecommerce brands of between 2.1% and a staggering 7%, dependent on industry and (of course) the marketing each brand has invested in. What could your business look like with more brand awareness, more conversions and more orders made? Reach out today and let’s have an obligation-free conversation about how we can apply a growth strategy to your brand, and get those sales soaring.


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