Three Campaigns Catalyst

The 3 Campaigns You MUST Be Running During The Coronavirus Shut Down

Undeniably, there is a new edge across all industries since the COVID-19 crisis began. With the closure of many hospitality brands, recreation and fitness centres barred and an incredible change to consumer behaviour, we’re seeing more and more brands fail to identify key activities they must be doing online to steady the ship, or enhance their opportunities. Feast or famine, here are our top three campaigns you should be running right now:


Campaign 1: Value to your existing clients


Your clientele are your number one asset, and need to be treated as such. Depending on your industry, they’ll either be suffering from a lack of opportunity to engage, or be pushed aside by a new rushing demand of customers desperate for your product or service.


Either way, you need to give them a reason to stay, and keep that brand loyalty.


Wound back your business? Consider what your customers are missing out on during your wind back. We’re seeing boutique gyms open their doors to online classes that are free for existing members, even if their memberships are currently paused. Show thanks for their loyalty, and keep them engaged, otherwise you may risk losing them on the other side.


Campaign 2: Your pivot strategy.


Wound back your business? Find out what your audience wants and needs are in this strange time of crisis. We’re seeing a wide variety of businesses across Australia pivot their strategies by finding out, first and foremost, what the answer to these two crucial questions are, and how accessing these requirements are possible with their current business structure.


A great example is Flowers Vasette – a true institution of Melbourne floristry, Flowers Vasette shifted their focus from flowers alone to stunning fresh produce boxes, with flowers included. This positions them beautifully as not only a problem solver, but also staying true to their core offering. Flowers sent at any time are an exquisite “thinking of you” moment, which has become more important as we isolate – combining this feeling with the practicality of fresh produce is a genius stroke in our eyes.



Campaign 3: Your awareness campaign.


It’s hard to believe now, but once upon a time Kelloggs was not the leading name in cereal. In the 1920s as the Great Depression hit, ready-to-eat cereals hadn’t made their mark yet when it came to popularity and positioning, meaning the impending recession meant it was anyone’s guess how the industry would fare. As the recession hit, the leading manufacturer Post did what we see so many labels do today: Reign in their marketing, and halt their advertising spend. At the time, the little known brand Kelloggs saw an opportunity, hitting hard with not only marketing as usual, but exploring new spaces such as radio. The results? A 30% market share increase that saw them leave the recession as cereal’s new number one brand, with a legacy that has continued today.


So what can we learn from this message? Even when consumer demand is low, awareness is key. When physical stores reopen and the market is stable and confident, your recession-based awareness campaign means not only revenue through the dip, but a funnel full of ready-to-buy consumers on the other side as well.


We’re working with a range of innovative brands who are seeing silver linings in this time of change, and taking back control with comprehensive digital strategies and campaigns. Reach out today and learn more about how we can assist your business and put you on the path to predictable results and a stable future. Reach out today for your no obligations conversation.